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The end of the year meant a busy time at Leuven Value Network, filled with exciting new challenges and events. Another period of both personal and mutual growth. That last one might be taken quite literally, since our team has been expanding with as many as 6 new trainees and a new Head of Marketing joining our leadership.

Next to this, our team has also had a blast in organizing some great online events. Also, we’ve been creating fresh content for our new website! Saying that the COVID-19 virus does not hold us down might be an understatement. Let’s take a look at the past events (of course not included are the brilliant ideas sprouting behind the scenes):

  • “Train the trainer” workshop 
  • Two fruitful all-hands meetings
  • Meet the team Monday: Meet our project manager Zahra
  • Recruiting and welcoming our 6 new team members
  • Workshop “How to Network” to youth work volunteers in collaboration with Bamm vzw, BAZART and AmuseeVous
  • Our second Smart Cities event: “Is Data the Holy Grail for Smart Cities”

In this case, the last was definitely not the least. If you had missed it on our socials, on the 12th of November we reached another high by organizing our biggest and most successful online networking event. “Is Data the Holy Grail for Smart Cities ?” was a collaboration of Leuven MindGate, the city of Leuven and a lot of amazing innovative entrepreneurs. The event started off with an interesting panel talk with three professionals in smart cities, namely: 

  • Thomas Van Oppens – Deputy Mayor of ICT
  • Kris Peeters – Founder and CEO of Data Minded and organizer of Data Science Leuven 
  • Sofie Pollin – Associate Professor Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven

This debate was moderated by Deevid De Meyer who is the founder of Brainjar (Cronos Group). Next, the participants had the chance to pitch specific ideas in 4 different break-out rooms. If you were just looking to connect, you could take your pick from the numerous interesting innovators waiting in the networking booths. No less than 150 attendees and 40 co-creators, one even more excited than the other, filled those 11 booths. Tastes like more, if you ask us! العاب اون لاين  

What about you? What are you waiting for?

Feel free let us know if you have suggestions about anything you’d be willing to see from us in the future. موقع المراهنات على المباريات