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What is the Key to Networking?

There are three main aspects, rather than one key element, that should be considered when changing the attitude towards networking. By implementing these simple changes, it can become inspiring and interesting to form new relationships.

  1. Focus on Learning

Think about how an event or just reaching out to people can help boost the knowledge and skill needed in an occupation or self-development. A purpose and focus will help escalate one’s drive to networking promptly.

  1. Identify Common Interests

Think about this, how do your goals and interests align with the people you meet? When your networking is driven by the interests of both parties, the connection shall be more authentic and meaningful. On top of that, it is more likely to form relationships with people sharing these qualities. 

  1. Determine What You Can Offer

Do you think you don’t have anything to offer? Don’t let that hold you back from networking! It’s the most frequent case among young professionals, who tend to focus too much on assets they cannot provide such as money or specific expertise. However, the importance of the least obvious yet the most valuable ones, such as gratitude or recognition is invaluable.

On the other side of the spectrum, mentors like to help others out, but they enjoy it even more when the appreciation for their help is clearly stated. The more heartfelt the gratitude, the greater its value to the recipient. Gratitude expressed publicly can even enhance the mentor’s reputation in the workplace.

What are the Common Obstacles?

Some people may feel uncomfortable or intimidated when it comes to reaching out to strangers for networking. Having the right mindset and being confident are crucial when it comes to networking. Thus, a lack of confidence and fear of embarrassment can take someone out of the “right mindset”.

How can I get better at networking? Some tips from Value Network!

Naman, Director of Strategy at Value Network, stated; “Before going to an event I do research on what the industry trends are, to be well-prepared for conversations and questions that might arise.”

His other tip would be: “Arrive early because people form groups and it will be more difficult to join if you arrive later. Also, you can pick up keywords from the conversations you overheard and use these to form your next conversation!”

Jente, Founder of Value Network, gives a few practical tips to get better at networking: “Be brave! Take initiative, dare to walk up to complete strangers.”

“Repeat first names! To make sure you remember them, and also the conversation becomes more personal.”

”Get to the point. Be brief, learn how to leave an impression and close the deal.”

“Listen! Be curious and ask the right questions, stop thinking about what they might be thinking about you.”

“Don’t forget to ask for contacts! Card, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram even.”

Rachel, Director of Marketing & Sales at Value Network , added the following: “When talking to someone, ask them if they know someone else at the event they can introduce you to.”


In conclusion, networking is a powerful tool that can help individuals and businesses in a variety of ways. By building and maintaining a strong network of contacts, individuals and businesses can gain valuable insights, learn about new trends and technologies, and find potential customers and partners through newly formed connections.

Stay tuned! Come and try these tips out at one of our events!