Author: Charlotte Van Thielen

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3 TIPS TO STAY MOTIVATED as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs start their journey with different types of motivation. Being your own boss is a big motivator, which goes hand in hand with having control and freedom, but als having an impact and creating wealth are big motivators. Staying motivated throughout the journey however, isn’t always the easiest, but here are 3 tips that will help you: 1. CREATE A VISION BOARD When you feel the pressure of entrepreneurship starts…

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Start Getting Things Done & Stop Procrastinating with Notion, Todoist and Amazing Marvin.

If you work at a company, you probably use digital applications to process information and tasks all the time. But what about your personal projects and goals? You want to learn more about investing, needing a fresh new working space at home, wanting to make photo books of trips you did years ago, or maybe even finally start that side business? Or.. it might be that the system your team…

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17 favourite books of ᒪ ᐯ ᑎ members that you might not know

As you might know, ᒪ ᐯ ᑎ  is powered by a group of talented and motivated volunteers and students that are happily involved in everything that involves innovation and entrepreneurship. We asked them what their favourite books were that might bring some value to you, and some of these books you might never even have heard of.  Let’s get right into it and discover what these young inspiring people think…